Good voices, sound effects and music can tell a story that the picture can’t always communicate on its own!

Studio Rental 工作室租賃

Studio Rental 

Our studio is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, advanced audio-visual facilities and staffed with professional sound engineers. We are pleased to provide rental service for our experienced experts.





One-Stop Audio Production Service


配音 Dubbing

劇集錄音Drama series Dubber電影錄音 Film Tracking

廣告錄音 Advertising Recording話劇錄音 Drama Recording

動畫配音 An Animation Dubber‧手機遊戲錄音 mobile game Dubber


視頻後期製作 Video Post-Production

影片錄音 Video Film Sound Track Recording聲音效果Sound Effect

影片剪接 Film Editing剪接 Editing混音 Mixing


劇本寫作 Script Writing

撰稿 Transcription翻譯 Translation字幕Subtitling


司儀 MC

活動司儀 Event MC


訓練 Training

配音訓練 Dubbing Training

收音訓練 Studio Training


錄音室租用 Recording Studio Rental

錄音工作 Recording Studio




業務查詢  Business Contact

Christina Chan ︱General Manager

Mobile:+852 98063494