Good voices, sound effects and music can tell a story that the picture can’t always communicate on its own!

Sound Design and Mixing 音效設計和混音

Sound Design and Mixing

Artwood provides audio-track production services including Foley, background and digital sound effects for video, film, video-sharing websites, apps, games and home entertainments with mastering and stereo/5.1/7.1 mixing. Our team also provides offline video editing, encoding and file conversion services.




  Business Contact 業務查詢

Christina Chan ︱General Manager

Mobile:+852 98063494





藝林製作為電影、錄像、視頻網站、程式及電子遊戲等產品提供音效設計服務,包括擬音、數碼音效、場景音的音效設計,亦提供立體聲/ 5.1 / 7.1混音製作。我們的團隊還提供視頻編輯、編碼和轉檔服務。