Good voices, sound effects and music can tell a story that the picture can’t always communicate on its own!

Dubbing / Voice-over 影視配音及旁白錄音

Dubbing / Voice-over


Artwood has a wealth of experience to provide professional lip-sync dubbing services in different languages, especially Mandarin, Cantonese and English that our experienced dubbing directors can preserve the authentic tone of the content.
From documentaries to film trailers, TVC to educational programmes, Artwood would advise clients on the voices that perfectly match the original characters to let the audiences have the best viewing experiences. We have been working with a wide range of clients including film productions, TV networks and broadcasters, advertising, online TV, education institutions in Hong Kong, mainland China and overseas.


Business Contact 業務查詢

Christina Chan ︱General Manager

Mobile:+852 98063494