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Artwood Production

Trusted by major broadcasters and studios.

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Good voices, sound effects and music can tell a story that the picture can’t always communicate on its own!

About us


Artwood Production is a privately owned, apprenticeship company, founded in 1990 in Hong Kong. Artwood ’s founder, Mr. Chan Wai Fong believes that we should not underestimate the importance of “Sound”, though people think of videos and films are as essentially visual experiences. Artwood has become one of the professional audio dubbing production companies in Hong Kong since 2000.


Our services mainly include dubbing and voice-over, sound effects and design, transcription and translation, subtitling and script writing. In addition, Artwood also provides studio rental services and holds audio and dubbing training courses for new practitioners. We believe coadjutant efforts and mentoring successors can make HK Audio industry have healthy and sustainable development.


Our team values all the clients and believes establishing long-term relationships is the utmost importance to us. Artwood serves local and international broadcasters, major distributors and production companies, advertisement firms, film studios, online TV, world renowned brands, etc. With the cutting-edge facilities and proprietary technology, our dubbing artists and directors, dialogue-authors and translators can guarantee that Artwood’s sound creation and dubbed versions can meet the highest creative and technical standards with satisfying quality.



藝林製作1990年在香港成立,是一所專業的影音製作公司,已製作超過十萬小時的配音及音效作品。藝林製作的始創人 陳衛芳先生認為在影視製作中,不應低估“聲音”的重要性,因為聲音的優劣絕對影響觀眾的視覺體驗。自2000年,藝林製作成為香港 專業配音及音效製作公司之一。


藝林製作的服務主要包括配音、音效設計、轉錄和翻譯、字幕和劇本寫作。除此之外,藝林製作還提供錄音室租賃服 務,並為新入行的從業員提供配音培訓課程。我們相信仝業協作及培訓接班人,可讓香港配音及音效設計行業更能健康和持續發展。


我們的團隊重視所有的客戶,並認為建立長期合作關係是最重要的目標。藝林製作多年來致力為本地和國際廣播公司、影視製作公司、廣告公司、網上 媒體,以及世界知名品牌公司等提供服務。通過完善的音效設施和專業的技術人員,藝林製作的聲音創作和配音效果保證可滿足客户的要求。





Business Contact 業務查詢

Christina Chan ︱General Manager

Mobile:+852 98063494